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…healing takes place when working with nature, not against it.
                    ~~C. Chrisman





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Classical Homeopathy

A New Experience in Health Care

Homeopathic health care is on the rise because it is a drug-free, inexpensive and preventive option of care.  At New Harmony Health, you discover not only a breakthrough method of care for yourself or your family member--you also make a lasting connection with someone who values your desire to get well on your own and stay that way. In my practice, we set aside the time you need to get your questions answered because I value the freedom to make decisions for yourself. We review all your health concerns together as one piece (your mental, emotional and physical “story”) to focus on the most unique and complete totality of these concerns at every step throughout the recovery process including holistic nutrition, health habits, genetics, environmental and even dental health.

As a Classical Homeopath, I view health issues as an interconnected whole and apply the scientific principles of homeopathy to prevent them from returning.  I decide upon a single remedy for the person, not several for different conditions, and I am trained to integrate homeopathy together with conventional health regimens, when called for. I like to say that healing is transition: it takes place when working with nature, not against it.

The power of homeopathy lies in improving your overall ability to cope with disease and maintain better health throughout your entire lifespan by improving your immunity to such things as infection, toxins, stress or trauma.  This is homeopathy in a nutshell.

To Health and To Life!


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